Alex is in training to become a Supervisor with Gotham Mental Health Group.

Through life’s journeys, many of our experiences can lead away from the connection we have with our sense of Self- causing us to disconnect from our body + soul. I believe it is central to the healing process to become more in touch with our whole, Authentic Self, and by engaging in a therapeutic relationship, the door for our most vulnerable parts of ourselves to be seen, heard, and accepted begins to open. 

My intention is to first guide my clients through healing old wounds that keep can keep us stuck: family of origin issues, childhood trauma, grief, sexual abuse, toxic relationships, depression, and anxiety. By connecting to the parts within the self first, we can better observe and connect to the parts outside of ourself.

Alex earned her M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fairfield University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Saint Michael’s College.