Sometimes life can feel like a bowl of cherries with a few nuts thrown in. Life can be filled with sweet moments that feel hopeful while other times you feel unexpectedly knocked down by circumstances, relationships, and experiences. My approach to therapy helps my clients explore both pleasant and unexpected experiences to gain insight into the true essence of who they are. How do these experiences show up in relationships, different environments, and contribute to overall patterns and dynamics? Together we can find out how these patterns show up and identify strengths and weakness in them. 

I have earned a Masters Degree in Behavioral Psychology from St. Francis College and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro University. I have experience working with both couples and individuals from various backgrounds in community-based settings. 

Through therapy we can collaboratively explore and challenge negative patterns. You get to decide how to gain control of areas in your life and I will work alongside you to assist in this journey of self-reflection.