A former fellow at the Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Institute, Oya is valued for her in depth knowledge and experience of the human condition. Prior to her post graduate study at the CG Jung Institute of New York, Oya earned her Master’s in Clinical Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on depth psychotherapy. Over the years, she has continued to learn from other schools, the Contemporary Relational Freudians and Gestalt/Existential therapies to name but a few. As a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Oya practices the art of genuine listening and empathetic attunement. She believes sensitivity toward the individual within his or her own cultural heritage is crucial. Depth Psychotherapy is a matter of the heart as well as the mind and Oya believes that deep relatedness and intellectual reflection are integral components of your work together.

Prior to Oya’s post-graduate clinical training, she spent many years as business consultant in the high-tech and life sciences industries. Oya brings a vast and deep knowledge of career and executive life to her practice and finds that it enables her to best work with all that seek her expertise.