Trisha accepts private pay and and out of network plans at this time.

Trisha is a NYS Licensed New York State Marriage and Family Therapist. Trisha’s background in the theatrical arts and vocal performance continues to enhance her ability to think outside of the box, bringing creative energy into each session. Trisha views therapy as a safe space, free of judgment, that utilizes dialogue to bring about positive change in a client’s life. 

Although her practice is grounded in Psychodynamic theory, Trisha utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in therapy as well. ACT Therapy focuses on increasing mindfulness skills that help her patients recognize and address challenges that have occurred due to attempts at suppressing, managing, or trying to control one’s emotional experiences. 

 Trisha focuses on attachment when working with families and couples, working towards repairing interpersonal ruptures and increasing her patients’ ability to communicate openly and accurately with each other.